Holding Mirror and Common carp averaging 8lbs plus a good head of doubles - the largest recorded at 27lbs 14oz - Carp Lake also offers a good many green and golden tench to 5lbs as well as Crucian Carp to 3lbs 8oz with the average being about 1lb 8oz. Ian purposely keeps roach out of this lake because he says lakes can quickly become overrun with immature fish which can become a nuisance to anglers.

With an average depth of about six feet just a rod length out and three feet in the well fringed margins which have been heavily planted with irises which provide lush cover in the summer, Carp Lake has three islands which provide features to fish to, although in summer fishing close to the margins normally produces the best results. 

Although Carp Lake is fairly large and reasonably deep, pole and waggler are undoubtedly the best methods with the feeder for some reason not producing the best results

During the summer months when the bankside plants can be up to five feet high providing plenty of cover, then the dibber float fished tight to the margins sorts out the bigger fish.

Best baits for this are usually corn, maggots, meat and paste fished over a bed of pellets which are sold on site. To make the paste, simply add an equal amount of water to the pellets and mix into a soft paste which can be used as large as a conker. The carp just love a very soft paste and an easy way to fish this is under a small pole float with no shot on the line using the paste as a plummet and adjusting the float so just the tip shows. If the paste is removed the float will lie flat, if it is taken by a fish the float just goes! 

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  • Day Tickets Yes
  • Address/Location Holgan Farm Llawhaden Narbeth Pembrokeshire Wales SA67 8DJ
  • Restrictions Fishery Rules 1. Open 8am to 8pm (or 30 mins before sunset, whichever is the sooner). 2. Allowed Baits: Maggots, Casters, Worms, Bread, Luncheon Meat, Sweet Corn, Hempseed, Paste and Carp Pellets 3. Barbless Hooks only, Max size 12,
  • Permit Types day ticket or by arrangement
  • Post Code SA67 8DJ
  • Species Carp - Tench - Crucian
  • Ad id: 75
  • Page Views: 388
  • Expires 2010.07.27 (in -1366 days)

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